We are a family business founded in 1987 that provides property management and cleaning services in Tikkurila and its surroundings.

We take care of service and maintenance of real estate, cleanliness of outdoor areas, winter maintenance, as well as cleanliness of public areas.

Our customers and partners are condominiums and real estate companies, property managers, as well as professional services operating in various fields.

Our office advises and serves residents in matters related to housing, as well as the work environment in business premises, during weekdays from 8 to 16.

In the evenings and during weekends, we have an on call service for emergencies, such as: door opening, water damage, vandalism, etc.



You can submit incident reports using our web site. You will receive a tracking link by email, which enables you to track progress of the remedy. Other notifications, such as change of name, birth of a child or arrival / departure notice, are handled by us and maintained in the resident register.

Arrival / Departure Notice